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You know that sandal which goes with everything;)! New arrivals! Limited sizes! Exclusive to New Zealand styles from Brazil ! 🇧🇷 Available in black. Shop this style here: . 


Keep going but remember that the weekend is coming 😉😍! Ref: 953 New arrivals! Limited sizes! Exclusive to New Zealand styles from Brazil ! 🇧🇷 Shop this style here: 


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"Piccadilly is considered one of the most famous ladies shoe brand all over the world & combines the latest fashion with comfort.

Every season Piccadilly is keen to provide the latest fashion models and designs that dazzle the customers as the company introduces the latest fashion lines taking into the account the medical & aesthetic sides of the product, things that make Piccadilly customers keen to get everything new from this brand.

These points are not the only reasons which make Piccadilly one of the most famous brands all over the market but also the medical features and the suitable and affordable prices prompt a large number of customers to get this worthy brand, and enable Piccadilly to have the broad customer base in the market."

Jasem Mohamed Jasef, Kuwait

“I just wanted to sincerely thank you for the great shoes! I bought 4 pairs in 2 days and already tried 3 of them.

Not a single callosity. This is completely unbelievable! My feet have been always bleeding after wearing new shoes before. 

By the way, I used to always wear another brand (x4 more expensive than Piccadilly). Didn't like that they used leather. Piccadilly has finally gave me a perfect alternative!
After trying your brand I don't think I'm ever going back.”

Elena Lezhneva (Auckland, NZ)

“Just to recap - I do love these shoes. I even wore my black Piccadilly shooties to a cocktail party on Saturday night and was able to stand up and move around quite well. This is astonishing to me as I usually cannot wear high heels of any kind because of the arthritis in my toes.

I would love to come to your 1st birthday celebrations and buy another pair for 50% off as I really liked the high black wedges with the peep toes and very high fronts. I certainly need these shoes available in Christchurch and am telling all my friends about them!

Glad to meet you and your Piccadilly shoes.”

Michele Johnson

“I simply love my new pair of Piccadilly ankle boots which I purchased from your Newmarket store last week. They are so stylish and so comfortable!!!

It would be great if your company could open a similar Piccadilly shoe store in Wellington as well, as that is where I live. 

I am sure you could achieve great sales there as well. “

Sing-Lee Yee

“My shoes arrived on Saturday and they are so comfortable. I work for Air NZ at the Nelson airport so am standing on my feet for 7-8 hours a day so need comfy shoes and these are the most comfortable that I have had.

Once again thank you”

Julieann (Air NZ Nelson)

"I am writing this email to say how much I love Piccadilly!

I own three pairs of shoes. They are the most comfortable shoes i have ever worn! I never thought I would ever say that about a high heeled shoe. I see myself owning more pairs in the future. Thanks for making such amazing shoes."

Amaya Vega

Dear Piccadilly Shoes

As you know I simply love your shoes. I always pop into Piccadilly Shoes when I am in Auckland. 

With relatively narrow feet and a painless but nonetheless obvious bunion, I find your shoes fit perfectly and are incredibly comfortable.  My job takes me from the Board room, to workplaces, to medical clinics and I travel frequently so comfort is only half the story – my shoes must look stylish and fashionable. I recently presented to a World Congress and I chose to wear a pair of your shoes because I needed to look good and I didn’t want to have to think ‘feet’ when facing almost 2000 delegates on stage. By the way, I really appreciate you going the extra mile for me to ensure I had the right shoes for my trip to South America.  Your help in sending me boxes of shoes to try was above and beyond the call of duty. 

Thanks so much and no doubt I will see you on my next trip to Auckland. I wish you every success.”

Deborah Bush (Christchurch)

"Piccadilly is the "Coca-Cola" of footwear. For me it's like that, 11 years working with this brand".

Antonio Culicetto, Venezuela

"Piccadilly shoes are extremely comfortable, made from high quality materials, therefore the consumers of these products usually return to buy more." 

Fernando Castello, Uruguay